INFINITI Explore Premium Mobility Solutions with LAB Start-ups

By Terry Steeden on 28 January 2019

INFINITI announced today that it has issued multiple Letters of Intent to explore premium mobility solutions with several start-ups who recently attended a twelve-week INFINITI LAB global accelerator program in Hong Kong. Their aim is to develop brand-specific solutions that create frictionless customer experiences.

The start-ups worked with INFINITI experts to refine their own technology, with a view to creating a brand-specific solution that delivers seamless experience for premium customers. They also received intensive mentorship and tailored training from 150 carefully selected investors and industry experts.

Dane Fisher, INFINITI Global Brand and Business Development General Manager said that start-ups play a critical role in transforming business and partnering with companies exposes us to cutting-edge innovation and new ways of tackling emerging industry trends, while giving them access to world-class resources and expertise to bring their ideas to life.

PassKit (UK/ Hong Kong), were among eight businesses selected from more than 130 applications to participate in the INFINITI program.

PassKit ( is a mobile wallet management platform that enables businesses to leverage native applications on consumers’ smartphones to create innovative and intuitive marketing strategies. Without the need to download a new app or visit a website, consumers can easily interact with brands or access information on their smartphone.

Paul Tomes, Co-founder and CEO Passkit said that the INFINITI LAB Global Accelerator program helped to elevate their collaboration with large enterprises and start-ups. Through the program, they we were able to enhance and tailor solutions for Premium consumers, making sure it is easy-to-use while delivering powerful capabilities.

The INFINITI LAB Global Accelerator program is the first to bring advanced stage international start-ups to Hong Kong, encouraging cross-border collaboration while enriching the local ecosystem. Since its launch in 2015, INFINITI LAB has helped drive cultural transformation and open innovation within INFINITI and the start-ups community. As of this year, the program has accelerated a total of 54 start-ups from around the world, helping entrepreneurs harness innovation to set new growth trajectories.

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