Media Information – Hybrid Technical Specification

Media Information – Hybrid Technical Specification

Gasoline Engine

Q50 Hybrid

Formula One™ Car


3.5-liter, aluminum-alloy V6,
24-valve, fuel injected,
double overhead camshaft with variable valve timing

1.6-liter, aluminum V6,
24-valve, direct fuel injected, turbocharged


Front, rear drive

Mid-mount, rear drive

Power / Torque

302 hp (5000 rpm)

360 hp with hybrid boost

258 lb-ft
(350 Nm) (5200rpm)

Approx. 715 hp (10500 rpm)
Approx. 875 hp with boost

285 lb-ft
(386 Nm) (10500 rpm)

Total Powertrain Torque

472 lb-ft (640 Nm)
258 lb-ft gasoline /
214 lb-ft electric

Approx. 435 lb-ft (590 Nm)
285 lb-ft gasoline /
150 lb-ft electric


Electric Motor

Q50 Hybrid

Formula One™ Car


Within the transmission casing, driving the propshaft

Below engine crankshaft with gearing to drive it

Power / Torque

50 kW (67 hp)

214 lb-ft (290 Nm)

120 kW (160 hp)

Approx. 150 lb-ft (203 Nm)
(Regulated. Rotational speed limited to 50,000 rpm)

Energy Boost Duration

Battery never fully depleted

33 secs / lap, near-depletion

Kinetic Energy Recovery

From rear axle

From rear axle



Q50 Hybrid

Formula One™ Car


Trunk area, behind passenger seats

Mid-ship, below fuel tank,
behind driver





49 kg

20 – 25 kg


346 volts (400 volts max.)

1000 volts (regulated)


50 kW

120 kW



Q50 Hybrid

Formula One™ Car

0 – 60 mph

4.9 seconds

2.8 seconds

Top Speed

149 mph (limited)

230 mph (depending on downforce package)

All data related to Formula One™ cars is general information and is sourced from official FIA statistics. The information is not related to any specific technology owned or developed by a specific engine supplier.


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